St. Lucy’s Young Adult Ministry is one part of KR Catholic’s. Where Young Adults from Racine and Kenosha come together



Come join others in their 20’s and 30’s on July 24th at 6:00pm for a Beer and a Breather. Mission KR will have a table ready at Petrifying Springs Biergarten located at 5555 7th St. Kenosha. Bring some cash, grab a beer with others, and talk about Faith and life. Stick around till 6:30pm and we could play trivia as a team right there at the biergarten.  Babysitting will be available at St. Lucy’s starting at 5:30pm. Call Eric Antrim to register your child/ern. Weather permitting.

If you are a young adult ages 18 to 35 and are looking at getting involved in actives around St. Lucy/St. Sebastian or Racine please contact Eric Antrim


Phone: 262-554-1801 Ext. 205