Meet Our Shepherd

My name is Javier Guativa. I was assigned by Archbishop Listecki to be the new Shared Pastor of Saint Lucy and Saint Sebastian.  I am also a member of a religious missionary group: Community of Saint Paul.
Where is he coming from? What about his family?
I am originally from Colombia, South America. I was born in a city called Villavicencio, which is located two and a half hours to the South East of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. I am the youngest of four and the only boy. My three sisters are married and I have eleven nieces and nephews. My parents still live in Villavicencio.
How did I decide to become a priest?
At age 16, I met two priests of the Community of St. Paul the Apostle, who impressed me with their dedication to serve those most in need. I stayed in contact with them for the next two years, and then decided to join them. I came to Wisconsin in 2006 to study at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, and was ordained a priest in 2011.
Where am I going to live?
As I said above, I am a member of the Community of Saint Paul, and our main headquarters are here in Racine. My primary residence will be the house of my religious community in Racine, and I will commute every day to serve at the parish.

Becoming A Member of St. Lucy’s

If you would like to become a member of St. Lucy Parish, there are registration cards in the back of church at the kiosk or click St Lucy Registration Form for a copy. Registration cards may be mailed in, dropped in the collection basket, slipped under the Parish Office door on the weekends, or brought to the Parish Office during the week, 8am to 4pm.


Saturday-4:00 pm

Sunday-8:00 am & 10:30 am, 5:00 pm* There is also a 5:00 pm Mass with the exception of the following dates: July 15th (St. Lucy Festival Weekend). September 2nd (Labor Day Weekend), December 23rd and 30th.


Monday through Saturday-8:15 am


Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 9:15 am Mass


Saturday- 3:00 pm- 3:30pm, Friday following 8:15 am Mass


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