Staff & Committee Members


 Title/Role  Name/Email  Telephone
 Pastor Fr. Thomas Vathappalli  262-554-1801

 Deacon  Dec. Eric Sewell


Our caring and dedicated staff helps take care of our parish family every day.

 Title/Role  Name/Email  Telephone/ Email
 Business Manager Pat McLeod

 262-554-1801, ext. 201

 Director of Children’s Formation Sarah Amason

262-554-1801, ext. 208

 Director of Youth Ministry and Adult Formation Eric Antrim

 262-554-1801, ext. 205

 Administrative Coordinator

 Laurie Feiler  


 Maintenance Linda Masters

 262-554-1801, ext. 216


 Liturgical Music Director  Terri Seitz
Bookkeeper Ann Wehnert  

 262-554-1801, ext. 202

Thursday’s  Secretary Brooke Smith





Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council assists and advises the Pastor in the governance of the Parish.

 Title/Role  Name/Email
 President (Pastor) Fr. Thomas Vathappallil
 Chairman  Angela Lefeber
 Vice-Chairman Marty Navarro
 Secretary  Bill Wehnert
 At-Large Member  Rob May
 At-Large Member Max Feiler
 At-Large Member Lydia Vela
At-Large-Member  Stacey Walsh
At-Large Member Gregory Pitts
At-Large Member Jim Lee
 Trustee (Secretary)  John Csepella
Trustee (Treasurer) Larry Jansen

Finance Committee

The finance committee is a subcommittee of the Parish Council that advises the Pastor in all parish financial matters. It is made up of the Pastor, the Trustees, and At-Large members appointed by the Pastor.

Title/Role Name Telephone
Pastor Fr. Thomas Vathappallil 262-554-1801
Chair Kate O’Brien
At-Large Member Ray Organ
At-Large Member Tom Suchla
At-Large Member Mike Langendorf
At-Large Member Jim Pekar
At-Large Member John Kis
Trustee (Treasurer) Larry Jansen
Trustee (Secretary) John Csepella


Our largest Parish ministry is education and our school is the biggest part of that. Our school has grades from K3 to 8th grade, as well as preschool and daycare programs. The professional staff, serving under principal Ms.Thostenson, includes 14 graduate educators. There is an active Home and School Association, which works closely with the School Committee to maintain Saint Lucy School standards at the top of the roster of all schools in the area. The staff and volunteers work hard every day to make our school a success for our kids.

For more information on the school, see the School Website.

Community Needs Outreach Committee

If you have some time (even on a limited basis!) to help with various activities/needs, please give Gina Derderian a call at 939-0973 or email her at We will add you to the list of people to call on!

Other Groups & Activities

 Title/Role  Name/Email  Telephone
 Athletic Association  Matt Sepanski
 Altar Society  Ruth Organ
 Senior Bus Trips   Dawn Tierney  262-598-0369
 Scrip Program  Meg Leonard