St Lucy Bus Trips


All shows will be $100.00, which includes motor coach transportation, lunch, theater ticket, taxes and all gratuities. 

Sunday, June 19th 2022

Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkinson

Sunday, July 31st 2022

Fireside Theater, Fort Atkinson

Sunday, October 2nd 2022

Fireside Theater, Fort Atkinson

Sunday, November 27th 2022

Fireside Theater, Fort Atkinson

•Bus loads at 8:30am and leaves at 8:45am; Estimated return time is 6:00pm for all shows•

Advance Payment of $50.00(Non-refundable) is required for each show you wish to attend. The balance for each show is due 6 weeks prior to the show. We must insist on payments being made as requested. Please make checks payable to Dawn Tierney and mail to 6103 Leeward Lane Racine WI 53402  Phone (262) 598-0369.

We must have a minimum of 35 people for each show to retain this price and will cancel any trio that dose not reach this minimum. Parking is on the Northwest parking lot of St. Lucy’s Church/School area located at 3101 Drexel Ave.