For Catholics, we believe the Sacraments are necessary for salvation, as the modes of grace divinely instituted by Christ Himself. In fact, as the sole dispenser of Christ’s Sacraments, the Catholic Church itself is spoken of as “The universal Sacrament of salvation” containing the individual seven sacraments. Through each of these Sacraments, according to the Church, Christ bestows that Sacrament’s particular grace, such as incorporation into Christ and the Church, forgiveness of sins, or consecration for a particular service.

A recipient’s own lack of proper disposition to receive the grace can block the effectiveness of the Sacrament in that person. For example, if one is in the state of mortal sin, to receive the Holy Eucharist is not only a serious offense to Christ, but also blocks the grace that is intended through the Eucharist – one cannot receive the benefits of this beautiful Sacrament.

In the end, Sacraments are a life-giving source of blessing and grace provided through practicing our Catholic Faith. All are invited to enter into a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith and take part in the Sacraments to help us grow and sustain our love for Christ and our neighbors.

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