The St. Lucy Alter Society is a woman’s organization which is open to all the women of the parish. We meet once a month to pray, craft and organize events for the parish.

The Society’s mission is to promote Christian fellowship through faith and community service and to provide goals and services to the parish.

To accomplish these goals the Society supports/sponsors the following events.

  • Host a Bingo party with treats and prizes at St. Monica’s Senior Home
  • Is responsible for the purchase of all items needed for the Sanctuary and alter (candles, wine, linens, hosts, cassocks, and vestments.)
  • Hosts the confirmation reception each year.
  • Some of the members clean the church each week. Some participate with other endeavors of the parish by making baptismal gowns, prayer shawls, rosaries, etc.
  • The Society has purchased things needed for the church and school when asked,
  • With the crafts that our ladies make we operate a craft booth for the church festival.

St. Lucy Altar Christmas Bake Sale and Craft Sale

  • St Lucy’s Altar Society is holding their annual Christmas Cookie and Bread Sale as well as Craft Sale in the Narthex of the Church in December (

St. Lucy Altar Society Looking for Knitters!

St. Lucy’s Altar Society is looking for people in the parish who would be interested in knitting hats and mittens for the children who will be receiving coats furnished by St. Lucy’s Knights of Columbus Council. We would like the mittens and hats to match. If you would like to furnish the yarn yourself. that would be fine. The mittens and hats are needed by the middle of November at the latest. Please call Ruth Organ for the sizes required.

Prayer Shawl Mission

The Altar Society has a Prayer Shawl Mission whose sole job is to furnish prayer shawls to anyone, male or female, as well as children who are in a crisis situation or for some reason are in need of some extraordinary comfort. These prayer shawls are a sign of comfort to be given to a person when they are in a medical crisis; before or after surgery; death of a family member or a very close friend; or stress caused by medical problems, family problems, etc.

All of these Prayer Shawls are made with much love and many prayers by a member of the parish and are blessed..

If you know of anyone who you feel would benefit from a prayer shawl, please do not hesitate to let someone know.