St. Lucy Pastoral Council

June 17, 2023 |9:00 a.m. | Opening Prayer Angela Lefeber
In Attendance
Present: Angela Lefeber (Chair), Marty Navarro (Vice‐Chair), Stacey Walsh (Secretary), Jim Nondorf, Greg
Pitts, Michelle Andrews and Dawn Tierney
Ex Officio: Fr. Thomas Vathappallil, Larry Jansen (Trustee), John Csepella (Trustee)
Excused: Lydia Vela
Unexcused: n/a
Candidate Presentation
Four candidates presented themselves for discernment to Pastoral Council. Angela dismissed the candidates
so that council could discuss and discern the candidates. There is one full term (3 years) open and one partial
term (2 remaining years) open. There was a discussion regarding all four candidates. Angela then took a vote
for each candidate.
• Vote for Mary Lynn Bedell (Unanimous)
• Vote for Kathryn LaLonde (Unanimous)
Approval of Minutes
Review and approval of May 6, 2023 meeting minutes.
Motion to approve – Marty Navarro | Seconded – Jim Nondorf
Pastoral Report – Fr. Thomas
Fr. Thomas first wanted to recognize how blessed we were to have four amazing candidates for council. That
doesnʹt always happen, and he was very grateful for parish members stepping forward to serve on council.
Father then wanted to thank Angela for all the years of working on the Pastoral Council, including the past
two years as Chair. Angela was a positive and an amazing member and chair. She will be missed.
The 10th National Eucharistic Congress will be held in Indianapolis, IN on July 17‐21, 2024. St. Lucy will be
coordinating a bus for those who want to attend the Congress.
Recently St. Lucy had a gathering of kids who came back from college. It was a great time to visit and hear
how everyone is doing, talking about memories and visiting with teachers.
St. Sebastian STEM Academy currently has 203 students registered for school.
Because of the difficulty finding priests for both parishes, starting September 1, 2023 the weekday mass
schedule will be as follows:
St. Lucy Mass at 8:15 am: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
St. Sebastian Mass at 8:15 am: Thursday
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Larry asked about adoration on Thursdays after September 1st. Fr. Thomas suggested that adoration start at
10:00 am on Thursdays at St. Lucy to allow those who want to attend mass at St. Sebastianʹs to then drive over
to St. Lucy for adoration.
Prayer groups can also go to St. Sebastianʹs to pray on Thursdays.
Starting July 31, 2023, for three weeks in a row, daily morning mass (weekday only) will be at St. Sebastianʹs,
due to the lighting/carpet replacement. There will be no adoration for those three weeks. Weekend masses
will remain the same.
Fr. Thomas and Fr. Antony Thomas will lead a 13‐day trip to the Holy Land next year, October 9‐21, 2023.
There are currently 34 people signed up for the trip. The trip includes visiting locations such as the Sea of
Galilee, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, among other locations. The cost of the trip
includes all meals and hotel accommodations.
Finance Report – Larry Jansen (Trustee), John Csepella (Trustee)
The Finance Committee had a meeting at the end of May. They discussed the new budget. The adult envelope
collection is down. Adult envelopes were budgeted at $780,000, but are currently only at $603,000. For the
new budget, they changed adult envelope collection from $780,000 to $725,000.
The budget through June was at $81,000, but is currently at $32,000. The new budget was changed to $58,000
for next year. There is a bit of interest from excess funds that will be added into the current $32,000, which is
why they changed the budget to $58,000 for next year.
Prayer and Worship Report – Dawn Tierney
Beginning with the celebration of Corpus Christi on June 10‐11, St. Lucy will return to the reception of Holy
Communion under both forms.
Christian Formation Report – Lydia Vela
Vacation bible study classes are coming soon.
Human Concerns Report – Stacey Walsh
Nothing to report.
School Update – Marty Navarro
The principal and teachers will be participating in the Siena School Science and Learning leadership. The
school is currently almost fully staffed. There were 12 eighth graders who graduated this year, with 23 new
eighth graders coming in for next year.
Deanery Report – Angela Lefeber
St. Lucy needs a second representative for the deanery. Jim volunteered to be the second representative for the
deanery. Angela will send Jim the details regarding the date, time and location.
New/Continuing Items
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There was a short discussion regarding electing a Chair to replace Angela. Marty had been nominated and
had discerned the position from our last meeting. The entire council confirmed that we are all willing to help
if/when Marty needs to take care of his mother. We are all ready to help Marty as needed. Marty accepted the
Next Meeting | Adjournment
Next Meeting: September 16, 2023, Vajda Hall
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.
Motion to approve – Marty Navarro | Seconded –Dawn Tierney
Respectfully submitted by Stacey Walsh