Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

by | Sep 17, 2021

Present: Angela Lefeber (Chair), Trustee John Csepella, Greg Pitts, Jim Lee, Michelle Andrews, Trustee Larry Jansen, Bill Wehnert, Marty Navarro, Fr. Thomas, Stacey Walsh


Excused: Rob May, Lydia Vela,


Opening Prayer 9:01 a.m.


Three new members will be joining Parish Council Michael Masick, Dawn Tierney and Jim Nondorf. These new members will be replacing members whose terms have expired.


Approval of minutes, minor corrections were suggested by Angela (see minutes from last month), Greg 1st, Jim 2nd, approved.


Pastor’s Report:

● Father thanked the individuals who are leaving the council now that their terms are over.

● Father thanked Angela and the council for the time we’ve spent on the by-laws.

● Father Ariel’s Mass of Thanksgiving went well and we had over 750 people attending. Beautiful Mass, nicely decorated.

● Father will say Mass at 8am and 10:30am Mass this weekend, and that will be his last Mass here at St. Lucy’s. He is then to be placed at St. Charles in Hartland.

● He was very involved here in the parish and very passionate about the faith.

● We may take a one year break and then take on another seminarian at that time.

● Larry asked how the seminary decided which parishes get picked as a teaching parish. Father said that they look for larger parishes where there are more opportunities to learn.

● Dr. Chiappete and Sue Gorman and Jeff Pulda will be chairpersons for the capital campaign.

● Collection in two phases, 1st phase will conduct a request to get people to commit to a pledge for 5 yrs. Second phase will be open to any donations from the entire congregation.

● Next week will be graduation for the 5th and 8th graders. Next Tuesday is the last day of school.

● July 27th – the Love One Another Capital campaign, there will be a dinner that the Archdiocese is putting on and we will be notified as to whom will be invited and where it will be held. With the Capital Campaign, we are able to keep 60% of the money raised and if we go over 100% of our goal, we keep everything over that 100% as well.


Angela is trying to get a response from the Archdiocese to get approval for the revised by-laws.


Finance Report:

● The finance committee’s meeting had to be moved to next week and there were no numbers to report at this time. Big focus is currently on the upcoming Festival. One thing of note is that we will be in the black.


Prayer and Worship:

● Terri said that over 750 people attended for his first Mass and hopes that we will see increased attendance in the Mass. June 19th will be the Feast of Corpus Christi – we will have a procession around the block with the Eucharist and will end with benediction. After 10:30 am Mass.

Christan Formation:

● Nothing to report –

Human Concern:

● With the bulletin announcement, a few people have reached out to the office, Kelly Frank and Beruita Schreck and Robin Reif and daughter Jamie regarding the social activity committee.


● Peggy Ross will be retiring this year, she has been with the school for over 20 yrs. They are having a retirement party on June 7th (Tues) from 2:30pm – 6pm in the gym.


Proposed dates for 2022-2023 parish council meetings:

● Sept 10th (1st Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, why we’re moving date)

● Nov 12th

● Feb 4th

● March 4th

● May 6th

● June 17th

All meetings are scheduled for 9am-10am, but room is reserved until 10:30am.


Thank you to Jim and Bill for their service to the council.


Motion for close by Bill 1st, Greg 2nd


Closing prayer at 10:03am


Respectfully submitted by Bill Wehnert