St. Lucy Pastoral Council

March 4, 2023 |9:00 a.m. | Opening Prayer Angela Lefeber

In Attendance

Present:  Angela Lefeber (Chair), Marty Navarro (Vice-Chair), Stacey Walsh (Secretary), Michelle Andrews, Jim Nondorf, Greg Pitts, Dawn Tierney and Lydia Vela

Ex Officio: Fr. Thomas Vathappallil, Larry Jansen (Trustee), John Csepella (Trustee)

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Approval of Minutes

Review and approval of February 4, 2023 meeting minutes. 

Motion to approve – Marty Navarro | Seconded – Greg Pitts

Pastoral Report

Fr. Thomas noted that the parish is growing little by little.  The new members have been active in the parish which he is very happy about.  Bishop Hying presented at the Lenten retreat on Sunday, February 26 and Monday, February 27, 2023.  About 100 people attended.  The Archdiocese has lifted the restriction regarding the Precious Blood.  St. Lucy will move toward having the Precious Blood available over the next few months.  Bishop Sherman was at St. Lucy on February 18, 2023 to confirm eight students.  We are closer to our Love One Another Capital Campaign goal, but Fr. Thomas would still like to see a lot more parishioners participating.  Communal penance will be held at St. Lucy after the 8:00 a.m. mass on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.  Sta. Sebastian STEM Academy held an open house that went very well.  They also have a new principal, Amanda McCauley.    

Finance Report – Larry Jansen (Trustee), John Csepella (Trustee)

In July/August, St. Lucy will have the carpet and lights replaced in church.  The work will start after the church festival.  There were 480 fish fries purchased at the first fish fry this year on February 24, 2023.  They planned for 500, so that was a big success.  People can now also use credit card to pay instead of just cash.

Prayer and Worship Report – Michael Masick

No update.

Christian Formation Report – Lydia Vela

There are eight people in RCIA moving toward the initiation at the Easter Vigil Celebration.

Human Concerns Report – Angela Lefeber

Angela reported that she and her husband will again be hosting the Roses for Life on Mother’s Day weekend in May.  Last year 450 were sold, so they have ordered 475 for this year.

School Update – Marty Navarro

Fr. Thomas reported that the school hosted a trivia night.  He also mentioned that the Bishop visited with the school children and explained what a Bishop does.  He complimented them on how attentive they were in church.

Continuing Items

The selection of Pastoral Council officers will happen at the September 2023 meeting.  There are two positions that will need to be filled on the council for next year.  Marty Navarro will lead the selection committee to help fill the two open positions. Greg Pitts and Stacey Walsh confirmed their willingness to stay on the St. Lucy Pastoral Council for a second term of three years.

Next Meeting | Adjournment

Next Meeting:  May 6, 2023, Vajda Hall

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:59 a.m.

Motion to approve – Greg Pitts | Seconded – Marty Navarro


Respectfully submitted by Stacey Walsh