St. Lucy Pastoral Council

January 27, 2024 |9:00 a.m. | Opening Prayer Angela Lefeber

In Attendance

Present: Mary Lynn Bedell (Co-Chair), Stacey Walsh (Secretary), Michelle Andrews,

Dawn Tierney, Kathryn LaLonde and Jim Nondorf

Ex Officio: Fr. Thomas Vathappallil, John Csepella (Trustee)

Excused: Marty Navarro (Chair), Lydia Vela and Greg Pitts


Approval of Minutes

Review and approval of November 4, 2023 meeting minutes.

Motion to approve – Michelle Andrews | Seconded – Dawn Tierney

Pastoral Report – Fr. Thomas

Fr. Thomas reported that there were two meetings at St. Lucy regarding the restructuring plan. The Arch Diocese presented all data and logistics regarding Dodge County and the Racine Deanery. Changes will be implemented as of June 2024. There will be two clusters in the Racine Deanery. Eventually, there will be changes to the mass schedules at each parish to be completed by December 2024. There will be one parish council for each cluster and four trustees in total. These and all details will be mailed out in February.

Finance Report – John Csepella (Trustee)

The finance committee will be meeting on January 31st. The parish is continuing to do well and closed out the year with a surplus.

Prayer and Worship Report – Dawn Tierney

Terri reported that they have had great participation in music including the choir for the Christmas holiday. They will again invite adults and children to be in choir. Terri was happy to see two new parishioners’ join the choir. There is currently preparation going on for confirmation as well as Ash Wednesday. They are looking forward to the Lenton retreat coming up in February.

Christian Formation Report – Lydia Vela

Nothing to report.

Human Concerns Report – Mary Lynn Bedell

Received and reviewed information from Stacey. Has met with Eric to understand what committees are still active and who may be the contact for those group.

Stewardship – Michelle Andrews

Nothing to report.

School Update – Kathryn LaLonde

Kathryn was in touch with Amanda Schurian, the school secretary. Amanda reported that the basketball teams have been doing great and have been traveling to tournaments. The principal recently traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. The school has an open house coming up. Casino night is planned for February. Siena employees recently had a mission day and visited a number of different human concerns organizations.

Deanery Report – Jim Nondorf

Nothing to report.

Next Meeting | Adjournment

Next Meeting: March 9, 2024, Vajda Hall

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Motion to approve – Dawn Tierney | Seconded – Michelle Andrews


Respectfully submitted by Stacey Walsh