Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2022

Due to Fr. Thomas’ travels not allowing his presence for a meeting, we held an unofficial Council meeting to receive finance updates and further review By-Laws updates.

Present: Angela Lefeber (Chair), Trustee John Csepella, Greg Pitts, Jim Lee, Rob May, Michelle Andrews, Trustee Larry Jansen

Excused: Fr. Thomas, Stacey Walsh, Bill Wehnert, Marty Navarro


Opening Prayer 9:10 a.m., open prayer.  Approval of minutes, Greg 1st, Rob 2nd, approved.

Adjust minutes from the last meeting, what does it mean to find/appoint new trustees?

Pastor’s Report:

  • Father was out of the country in India.

Finance Report:

  • Both Trustee’s agreed to renew.  In six months we’ll need to find new trustees or renew current trustees..
  • We have 95 kids enrolled in school
  • Introduced and welcomed new council member Michelle Andrews
  • Offering collection is doing great even w/attendance down.
  • We are looking at investment opportunities, now that we have paid off the mortgage and do not have that expense every month.
  • Assessment dropped when Siena took over and further with Fr. Thomas’ input

Pastoral Council:

  • Liaison Reports
    • Finance Council Trustees – John Csepella and Larry Jansen
    • Prayer and Worship – Rob May
      • Choir Suspended for now
    • Christian Formation – Lydia Vela
      • RCIA has 8 participants
    • School – Jim Lee Nothing to report
  • Review of By-Laws in coordination with the March 2020 Pastoral Council Norms and adjustments made by Council Members since our September meeting

Greg motioned to close, Rob seconded, approved.  Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Lee